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A dental crown is an artificial cap that imitates tooth in its shape, size, and color. Those people who lose their tooth partially or completely can opt for the crown to regain the shape, size and appearance of the tooth.
As the name suggests All Ceramic Dental Crown is entirely made of a glass-like material which resembles our natural teeth. The crowns which are made using computer technologies like CAD or CAM lasts for several years without causing any difficulty to the patient. Its two major types are Zirconia and E-max.
Why is all-ceramic crown better than PFM crown ?
PFM or Porcelain- fused to metal is a  type of dental crown which is made by constructing a metal case and filling it with ceramic to provide the shape of the tooth. Compared to all ceramic  crowns, PFM  has the following disadvantages:
  • Colour of metal case does not resemble natural teeth
  • Need removal of 1.5 mm of buccal tooth to fix metal layers
  • Less durable than all-ceramic crowns
  • Porcelain has the chances of falling off
  • High cost of metal crowns
  • Increased chances of gum inflammation

All ceramic crown is fixing procedure ?
First of all the doctor will clean and purify the teeth. Then impression will be taken using a cement-like material called dental putty and despatched to the laboratory to make crown which is suitable for the patient's mouth. A temporary crown will be fixed until the original is made. After  two to three weeks original crown will be fixed. Dentist reexamines the crown twice to assure its quality. If the patient is satisfied with the crown, a doctor will finish it with dental cement. The patient  should avoid things like  applying too much pressure, consuming too hot or cold eatables few days post fixing to avoid early damage.
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