Friday, 25 August 2017

Perfect your beauty through Smile Correction at Tooth N Care

A smile has much more to it than just that! It does a magic to not just our beauty but our personality as a whole. With cosmetic dentistry gaining the popularity and advancement that it has today, it is now easier to craft the perfect smile.

Tooth N Care is one of the best clinics offering smile correction in Chennai. With advanced cosmetic treatment techniques, they help in restoring the beauty of smile with corrective measures with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The smile design Chennai is renowned for their perfectness in correcting various conditions that threaten the quality of smile.

Smile Correction Procedure

Smile correction can be accomplished using various procedures under cosmetic dentistry. Some of them are as follows.
  • Snap on smile – one of latest and most advanced treatment in cosmetic dentistry, snap on smile involves a creative process to perfect smile. They can be temporary or permanent depending on the procedure opted for and helps craft the perfect smile in a faster and affordable way.
  • Teeth contouring – a treatment technique offering instant result, teeth contouring helps in reshaping teeth to perfect contours. Wayward teeth are an issue, many of struggle teeth. From rabbit tooth to severely irregular patterns, the issue can vary in intensities. The technique of teeth contouring with its various procedures provides an ideal solution to craft the perfect smile.
  • Veneers – stained, discoloured or decayed front teeth can often feel like a severe blow to the beauty of a smile. Veneers are lens thin materials that are increasingly used in cosmetic dentistry to camouflage or cover up these irregularities, providing the perfect white smile. They offer an adequate solution to correct gaps between teeth as well.
  • Gummy smile makeover – gummy smile is another common problem encountered today. At Tooth n care we provide advanced cosmetic procedures ranging from certain orthodontic therapies to surgeries such as lip repositioning to reduce the exposure of gums.
  • Composite bonding – this treatment method helps in mending broken or chipped off tooth with the composite resins. They are highly helpful in correcting decayed teeth as well.

Tooth N Care is one of the best dental care centres in India offering the latest treatments in dental field under the best dentist in Chennai.

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