Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Biomimetic Dentistry - Avoid Unnecessary Root Canal

Biomimetic Dentistry is a tooth preserving dentistry. This procedure treats weak, fractured, decayed teeth to keep them strong and seal from the bacterial infection. Biomimetic is a minimally invasive procedure and uses modern techniques to seal and preserve the teeth, rules out the necessity of cutting the teeth from the crowns and destructive root canals. It is considered to be a healthier alternative to the traditional dentistry.

The filling is the final restoration whether it is a small or medium part of damaged tooth structure with the Biomimetic approach. Restoration is carefully done to increase the adhesive bond to the tooth which prevents excessive shrinkage, gaps. The advanced adhesive methods separate Biomimetic Dentistry from the traditional approach to dentistry.
Traditional dentistry treats the damaged tooth with the crown for restoration. The crowns were used to restore the strength to the structurally compromised teeth. However, crowns reduce 70% originality of the tooth structure. Most of the structurally compromised teeth require more reduction of healthier tooth structure to fit the crown. This approach leads to various problems. Crown preparation would lead to sensitivity, fractures. There is a lot of difference between the crown and natural tooth. When stress is applied to the crown, it starts damaging the remaining tooth structure. 

In Biomimetic dentistry, the only damage and decay are removed; the final restoration is bonded to the healthy natural tooth structure. The final restoration is commonly called as an inlay or onlay restoration. There is no removal of healthy tooth structures to fit the crown and thus Biomimetic Dentistry provides a strong restoration.

Biomimetic dentistry avoids 90% of root canals. Removing excessive healthy tooth structure for placing a crown is inevitable in root canal that results in irritation and sensitivity to the tooth. Biomimetic Dentistry significantly reduces the need for root canal by limiting the healthy tooth structure removal which is the principal to long term success and natural teeth retention.
Tooth 'N' Care Dental Clinic, Chennai offers treatments for all dental problems and they indulged in new Biomimetic Dentistry to restore the natural tooth structure.

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