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Laser Dentistry : New Era Of The Painless Dental Treatment

One of the latest advancements in the field of dental science, laser dentistry brings about a higher level of accuracy and precision to dental procedures. Laser assisted dental techniques, when done by a skilled professional helps in providing highly specific treatment without affecting the adjoining tissues. These dental treatment techniques help in minimizing the pain and bleeding associated with conventional dental procedure. Tooth N Care Dental Clinic provides laser dentistry in Chennai at affordable cost.

Types of Lasers in Dentistry

Lasers are used in different dental treatment procedures done in children and adults alike. There are various types of lasers available today used to perform different function, based on their energy levels and nature. They are as follows:

Hard Tissue Lasers : These lasers have wavelengths that are highly absorbable by the water and calcium phosphate salts present in teeth and associated bones. Hence they enable in cutting through these structures.

They are highly useful in removing dental structures, shaping or prepping teeth or for restoring worn out teeth with a high degree of precision. Other procedures that can be done with these lasers include cavity detection, tooth preparation or for dental fillings and for treating teeth sensitivity.

Soft Tissue Lasers : These lasers have wavelengths which are absorbable by water and haemoglobin in the soft tissues of gums. Hence they are very useful in treating periodontal conditions and killing of bacteria which causes infections.

The main procedures that can be carried out by soft tissue lasers include crown lengthening, treating gummy smiles, treating tongue tied phenomena in children and for removal of soft tissue folds with great accuracy and precision.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The various benefits of laser dentistry are as follows: -
  • Many procedures done with laser does not require anaesthesia
  • Soft tissue laser treatments do not need stitches
  • They minimise bleeding during the procedure
  • They provide a sterilisation effect that eliminates bacterial infection
  • Ensures faster healing
  • Damages to adjoining tissues are minimised
Tooth N Care Dental Clinic, offers painless laser dental treatment in Chennai  with infrastructure based on the latest technology and a skilled faculty of professionals.

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