Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Be Confident To Smile

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction of mouth, is a kind of treatment adopted either to correct your bite deformities or your teeth and gum appearance. This treatment is mostly provided to those with broken or worn teeth and gums, frequent pain in jaw joint, headache, facial muscle pain, back pain or missing of teeth. This rehabilitation is a combination of the science of Cosmetic Dentistry and Neuromuscular Dentistry, which helps you design a beautiful smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation

Conditions for Full mouth rehabilitation:-

Patients suffering from following difficulties can be the candidate of Full mouth rehabilitation.
  • Teeth loss due to decay
  • Teeth loss due to injury
  • Severely worn teeth or gum
  • Tooth chipped or cracked
  • Sever pain in neck, head, shoulder and back
  • Facial muscle pain
  • Difficulty to chew
  • Popping jaw
  • Locking jaw
  • An increased number of teeth than normal

All these troubles can be effectively treated by rebuilding or restoring the entire teeth in upper as well as lower jaws.

Full mouth rehabilitation starts with the rehabilitation of gums then the teeth and further the rest of the mouth. The process and procedure of this rehabilitation depends on the each patient's requirement.

Treatment Procedure:

The treatment begins with the procedure of examining the entire mouth with some imaging techniques like X-rays and photographs, which is followed by the procedure of recording the impression of your upper and lower jaws. Depending upon the details collected, your doctor will discuss with you and plan the further procedures of your treatment.

This treatment completely make use of recent technologies to rebuild a patient's teeth, gums and as well as the surrounding areas. In Order to obtain the necessary and the desired effects, its usual that one or more procedures are to be adopted. The results is having a beautiful smile that enhances your attractiveness and confidence.

Full mouth rehabilitation will allow you to have your food and other activities without the involvement of any trouble.

Tooth N Care Dental Clinic provides you the best and effective Full mouth replacement that helps in your smile design in Chennai. We help you to rebuild your teeth and jaws that will lead to your smile correction inChennai. Our primary aim is to fulfil your requirements and there by make your dream come true.

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Nothing is beautiful than a pleasant smile..

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